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"Fifth Grade" written on blackboard with chalk.

All About Fifth Grade

Welcome to Fabulous Fifth Grade! Students in Grade 5 will navigate through various genres of literature in ELA. In order to help them on this journey, students will be dive deep into the text using close reading strategies. Assisting them on this journey will be the helpful Reading Racer. Over the course of a week, students will be challenged with various critical thinking questions and will be prepared to be College and Career ready! As wonderful writers, students will write, edit, revise, publish, and display different styles of genre such as descriptive, persuasive, poetry, narratives, letters, and how-to pieces. Students will also earn to make connections between the stories they read and the world around them. As terrific techies, students will learn how to navigate the internet appropriately to prepare them for the digital world. As fifth grade mathematicians, students will explore the deeper meaning behind math terms that were once so familiar to them. Through routines and hands-on experiences students will develop a deeper understanding on topics such as place value, multiplication, division, adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators, multiplying fractions, dividing fractions, adding and subtracting decimals, multiplying decimals, dividing decimals, graphing and ordered pairs, conversions, and geometry. They will use various methods to help them comprehend and solve multi-step higher order thinking problems. In social studies, students will travel through time and learn about how America was discovered. They will also live the life of a European explorer and how they traveled the world. By completing different types of projects throughout the curriculum, students will learn about disasters and triumphs of different cultural groups. In order to ensure academic success, please ensure that your child reads at least 30 minute a night and comes to school fluent in his or her multiplication facts. We are so excited to embark on this educational journey with all of our students!

Big assortment of school supplies spread out on red background.

School Supply List

The Fifth Grade teachers  have put together this list of suggested supplies for the school year.

Fun Stuff!

Family Fridays

The Fifth Grade Family Fridays kicked off the year with our newly introduced Senior Clubs! Students were so excited to introduce their parents to the special clubs they attended every Friday. Some of the clubs offered were Dance Club, Detective Club, Typing Club, Science Club, Drawing Club, Debate Club, Arts and Crafts Club, Chess Club, and Computer Science Club. What made these events even more special was the involvement of the parents. Some parents were able to dance with their child during Dance Club, solve mysteries with their child during Detective Club, and even cook with their child during Cooking Club!

Basketball Games

Go Eagles! The Fifth Grade Seniors enjoyed watching our home basketball games in the gymnasium. With our very own Eagle Mascots, our cheerleaders really help us get into the spirit as we cheer on our very own 4th and 5th grade coed basketball team! GO Eagles!


Prom, Graduation and Senior Trip

What an exciting way to end the year than none other than our Senior Trip, Senior Prom, and Graduation!

During our Senior Trip, students, parents, and teachers will arrive at Sportime USA in Elmsford in a Coach Bus! Once we arrive at the facility students, parents, and teachers will play video games, rock climb, take a virtual roller coaster ride in the 4-dimensional motion theater, spin around on the amusement rides, play an exciting game of laser tag, and become a race car driver in the indoor bumper car arena.

Our Senior Prom was a huge hit as we decorated our school gymnasium as a Fifth Grade Candy Shop! With a personal DJ, students enjoyed rocking out to their favorite songs! They also enjoyed delicious food provided by none other than our school PTA. What an afternoon to remember!

Senior Graduation took place on Wednesday, June 21

 in the school auditorium. Students demonstrated their impressive musical talent as they sang various songs about friendship and moving on. Friends and families came to support our seniors as they took the next step into a new world with many more amazing opportunities for them!


Field Trips

Field Trips extend the learning beyond the classroom walls. This year, students are exposed to new experiences in authentic settings. The 5th

 grade displayed hands-eye coordination when they knocked down pins at Whitestone Lanes. Students were also excited to cheer their classmates on and learn the basic rules of bowling. Love to sing? We also enjoyed the toe-tapping musical, “Sing” at College Point Multiplex. Lights…Camera…ACTION!  At the Museum of the Moving Image, students observed exhibits and preserved moving image related artifacts. The museum advances the understanding, enjoyment, and appreciation of the art, history, technique, and technology of film, television and digital media. To finish off the year, students grabbed their chef hat and apron! They were exposed to an interactive culinary experience culminating in a tasty finish at Young Chefs Academy.


Drumming Performance

PS 121 rest position….CLICK! The seniors had an amazing experience with Mr. Gabriel, our drumming instructor, from Marquis Studio. We learned about the impressive Latino culture through famous songs. Many of the students enjoyed learning a new language as they sang solo parts in Spanish! Our drumming performance ended with a spectacular show for our parents, friends, and families! What an amazing experience!

Algebra For All

Our fifth graders will have such an exciting experience in math class this year! We embraced a new addition to math class called Algebra for All last year, which focuses mainly on student-centered learning. Throughout many routines and hands-on activities, students navigate through their misconceptions and struggles to persevere into a new area of conceptual strength. Algebra for All focuses mainly on student inquiry as the teachers facilitate the activities, helping the students through effective questioning. We foster the idea that students learn best through discovery and our students were able to make connections through carefully designed activities and routines. Students are excited to take ownership of their understanding because they figure it out themselves!

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