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"Kingergarten" written on blackboard in rainbow lettering.


Kindergarten! What a year of learning! In Kindergarten, we strive to set up all the foundations of learning that will be needed throughout your child's journey from first grade to graduate school.
By the end of the year, your child should be able to:
- Recognize and write the letters of the alphabet, and know the sound of each one.
- Recognize simple sight words and read simple sentences.
- Retell a story.
- Show an opinion through drawing, writing or speaking.
- Write numbers and count up to 100.
- Do simple addition.
But that's not all! Your child will also learn many important life skills such as following directions, taking turns, and following classroom rules. Get ready to see your child blossom!

Assorted school supplies with the words "Back to School" on top of three black pencils.

School Supply List

The Kindergarten teachers  have put together this list of suggested supplies for the school year.

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