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Teacher and Student
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All the Special Things We Do!


Field Trips

Field trips are integrated into our curriculum throughout the school year to enhance students' learning through experiential learning.  You can learn all about a subject, but there's nothing like being there to experience it firsthand.  Our field trips are arranged specifically for each grade level to ensure age-appropriate experiences.  Please be in touch with your child's teacher if you wish to join as a chaperone.

Young girl standing next to school bus
Audience watching musicians at a concert


What's more fun than dancing? Dancing in front of an audience, of course!  Our school concerts take place twice a year, one in the winter and one in the spring.  If you've never been to one of our shows, you don't know what you're missing!  This past year, our winter concert was entitled "A Year In the Making" and was a big hit, celebrating all the months of the year. Our spring concert was "That’s Entertainment". The music chosen for this show was from famous movies and musicals. It was really something special to see!  Please come to our next concert and celebrate our wonderful student dancers.

Technology in the Classroom

Our Kindergarten and First Grade classrooms have technology centers equipped with laptops.  Grades 2-5 have full sets of laptop computers for the entire class.  Ipads are available for student use in classrooms school-wide.  Some classrooms throughout the building have Active Tables for students to interact with their learning.  Learn more about our technology curriculum here.

Promethean Brand ActiveTable
Closeup up basketball going into hoop

Basketball Team

GO EAGLES! The PS121 basketball team is comprised of aspiring 4th and 5th grade athletes.  Students enjoy watching at-home games and cheering for our team! Our coaches help students acquire greater sports skills as well as develop important life skills such as responsibility, effort, loyalty, discipline and teamwork.

Cheer Squad

Did you know our team has it's very own cheerleaders? Our Cheer Squad cheered and performed at all the home basketball games, and even performed at our spring concerts!  Cheer squad is made up of 4th and 5th grade girls and boys. We look forward to the accomplishments of our cheer squad for the year!

Girl cheerleader sitting on floor with pink pom-poms
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