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"Third Grade" written on blackboard with chalk.

Welcome to Third Grade!

In third grade, students will be embarking on an exciting year that will allow them to grow both academically and socially! Students will begin a new reading program called Into Reading. In this program students explore weekly questions through various texts. Students read a variety of genres and use this to deepen their comprehension skills. In addition, students use R.A.C.E. to answer questions, making sure they use evidence from the text. A variety of math topics are introduced in third grade. Students learn about rounding and graphing in the early units. They then move on to multiplication and division. These skills are solidified through math games, manipulatives, and the Multiplication Bee, an exciting event in third grade. In social studies, students explore the cultures of China, Nigeria, Peru and Egypt.  In addition, the third grade has many exciting events and trips that the students take part in. For example, there are trips to Applebees to learn about healthy cooking, a nature walk at Wave Hill, and the Disney Earth Day movie.  The third grade is an amazing grade filled with opportunities for growth in multiple areas for your child!

Stack of spiral notebooks surrounded by pencils.

School Supply List

The Third Grade teachers have put together this list of suggested supplies for the school year.

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