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"Second Grade" written on blackboard with chalk.

Second Grade

We may not be in first place anymore, but Second Grade surely is spectacular! From improving on our reading to approaching multi-step math questions, we are growing both academically and socially. Students use conversational prompts to enhance conversations between one another.  Also, students target improved ability to join classroom discussions by their knowledge of R.A.C.E.!  Our writing units include personal narratives, non-fiction informational pieces and writing to voice our opinions.  Our Literacy program teaches the children about genres, author’s purpose, and text features. The children really enjoy the humorous, informational stories about real life people and fable characters. Mathematics allows the students to get a glimpse of real life. From money to time, this curriculum prepares them for life skills such as spending money and being on time. They are also being prepared for the upcoming state assessments as they become experts in our CUBES strategy. This helps the students to gather information from complicated word problems to complete the task at hand. In Social Studies, the students learn about geography and where they live. They also complete timelines of their lives. In Science, students  learn about plants, earth materials, and have an opportunity to participate in the Science Fair. Second graders also have the opportunity to attend a variety of fun and exciting field trips! Second Grade is guaranteed to be a blast!

Colored pencils, erasers, noteook, pencil case, and pencil shavings.

School Supply List

The Second Grade teachers  have put together this list of suggested supplies for the school year.

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