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Assorted open jars of paints and brushes

Our Specials

At PS121, we know what it takes to enhance our students’ education.

PS121Q provides an integrated course schedule of learning through many different subjects.  Students enjoy a variety of activities throughout the week.

Kids Running in gymnasium

Physical Education

Exercise for Body and Mind
Mrs. Ponte & Mr. Aberger

During physical education classes, students engage in a 5 to 10 minute warm up with upbeat music in our spacious gymnasium. We use jump ropes, hula hoops, trampolines, bicep curl rubber bands, and other equipment to enhance the physical aspects of exercise. We then do a five minute stretch routine to ensure that we don't pull any muscles. Now we are ready for the activity of the week!

We target a variety of sports throughout the year. Every unit focuses on one sport.  Some activities lasts longer than a week, as there are a lot of rules to explain, and we want to unsure that each student understands the rules fully so that they can succeed in the future when they play these sports.  Classes end with stretching and breathing exercises to cool down. This ensures that students leave the gym in a nice calm way to easily transition back to classroom learning.

Teacher and students in tap dance class


Movement & Dance for All
Mrs. Giannatsis

Our brand new studio opened its doors in March 2017.  Room 507 is now a new professionally designed dance studio with mirrored walls, an impeccable quality wooden dance floor, and just recently added, a brand new Air Conditioner. Our studio is a shoe free zone, so don’t forget to bring in your grip-socks, non-slip socks, dance shoes, or just bare feet! 

Our dances incorporate a variety of dance styles including ballet, modern, jazz, tap and others. In addition to our regular dance program, our art residency program adds additional dance to our children's curriculum. Stay tuned for our performances!

Paper and crayon art mural of tree, birds, and flowers


Learning through Doing
Mrs. O'Loughlin

At P.S. 121Q, students learn about artists as well as develop their own skills in drawing, painting, collage and group murals. The study of art is also combined with themes being taught in other subject areas. For example, students will learn about the Amazon rain forest and the depletion of our natural resources while creating a mural of the kapok tree.  We use a variety of styles and materials to maximize our students' art exposure.  In addition to our regular art program, our art residency program adds additional art to our children's curriculum. Come look around our school and see the many art projects we have completed!  

PS121Q Computer lab

Computer Science

Targeted Learning in Our State-of-the-art Computer Lab
Ms. Mercein

In the Computer Lab, the goals are to provide a secure, safe and enjoyable environment for learning the benefits of technology and how it connects to our instructional curriculum. The first weeks of school lessons focus on computer lab rules, management strategies, and the importance of Internet safety. The program of instruction in the lab is under constant development and modification as the scope of technology widens.

Close up with computer screen showing coding


The Way of the Future

We are excited to introduce our students to the innovative and creative world of computer science through coding! As a part of the Chancellor’s city-wide Computer Science 4 All (CS4ALL) initiative, Ms. Mercein has been a part of a cohort of teachers that have been trained to teach computer science. In addition, she was trained on how to use to introduce students to the world of coding. She has acquired an abundance of knowledge, resources and contacts and, as a certified Microsoft Innovative Educator, is well prepared to teach computer science this year.  
This program will provide students with rigorous instruction daily to promote computational thinking and 21st century skills that will foster college and career readiness. Students will engage in project-based learning tasks that require critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, persistence, and problem solving.  Ms. Mercein will conduct and coordinate workshops that support administrators, teachers, and parents with instructional strategies that will positively impact student achievement across curriculum areas through the use of computer science.

Excited Children in Science Class Watching an Experiment


Investigating the World Around Us
Ms. Azze

All students are curious about the world around them, which makes them natural scientists. Science helps them explore and make sense of their environment. It creates opportunities for them to investigate and discover how and why things happen. As they take on the role of scientists, they make observations, ask questions, collect data, make predictions, engage in experiments, reach conclusions, and communicate their findings. In our Science Labs, students are developing their inner scientists which is built on the concept of learning as a developmental progression, where core ideas in science overlap from year to year, enabling students to study each scientific topic in greater depth. Students engage in hands on learning through lab and STEM activities that help to integrate science and all other content areas, including math and literacy. 

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